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Are you interested in purchasing our products in bulk at wholesale prices? Many of our products can be quoted for a wholesale order, including enamel pins, stickers, keychains, and jewelry! Prices are quoted on an individual basis and depend on the quantity of items and the potential for a long-term business partnership.


Here at Atomik Cupcake Designs, all products are 100% designed, directed, produced, and packaged in-house! We have a lot of experience with product design and packaging, digital and traditional illustration, and much more! Below is a general idea of pricing for these services:

Design Fee: $30 per hour

Commercial Licensing Fee: Includes exclusive rights for your company to use the art for an amount of time determined on an individual basis. Prices vary, but typically cost between 2-3x the amount of total design fee.

Merchandise Fee: The cost of manufacturing and shipping the actual merchandise.

To inquire about wholesale or custom merchandise services, click here!

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