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Doki Day is a kawaii-themed online streaming and selling event hosted by BizBaz Club through the website PopShop Live! 15 vendors will be showing off their wares, running contests, playing games, and just having a great time!

PopShop Live is a live shopping website--you can chat with the creators and other shoppers and purchase DIRECTLY from the website while you watch the event! Atomik Cupcake Designs will be giving out exclusive BizBaz Club merchandise as well as offering sales during the event!

Using PopShop Live is FREE! Use invite code ATOMIK to sign up if you haven't yet! The more referrals I get, the more perks are added to my account for future selling events!


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As part of the event, Atomik Cupcake Designs will be offering markdowns on tons of merch through the PopShop Live app or website!

Nearly all jewelry is discounted, some pins are discounted, and orders of $15 or more will get this free EXCLUSIVE Doki sticker in addition to the BizBaz exclusive sticker!


Each artist will be streaming their own content--there will be games, lucky grabs, mystery boxes, contests, and more!

Atomik Cupcake Designs will be livestreaming from our art studio, either painting or creating merch while we talk to YOU GUYS. We'll be holding a live Q & A where you can ask me ANY questions. You'll also probably get to meet some of my cats. =D
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Can't wait to see you there!
Click here to see our PopShop live store!
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