Animal Cookies Kickstarter: Thank You!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to make a blog thanking you all IMMENSELY for the amount of support and success that we found in our Animal Cookies Kickstarter! The campaign ended on February 5, and we were able to go over $10,000 for the first time EVER. This is 4x more than our previous most successful Kickstarter, which was the Kittea Ceremony pin collection, and it will be our largest pin order to date. I am incredibly grateful for those who made this project as big and awesome as it became, and I can't wait to start ordering our goodies!

From Concept to Product

I wanted to share some of the updates on here that were shared in the Kickstarter updates, so those that are interested can still see what we've been up to! Along with the enamel pin collection, I was also able to make inflatable bag keychains, the first of them that I've made (but they're pretty adorable, so I'll probably make more at some point...=D)!

To the right, you can see our mockup of the inflatable bag shaker charms as conceptualized for the campaign. Below, you can see a sample photo that we received from the manufacturer! What a cool thing!

Packaging Concepts

One of the things I LOVE to do is theme the packaging with each individual product, especially when the items are part of a series! For this series, I've created 2.75 inch square backing cards for the pins. These are slightly modified from the packaging advertised in the campaign--I just made the opacity a bit lighter on everything so the background isn't too loud and the pins really shine through!

We'll also be printing some nice mailer boxes for the larger orders! In the past, I've modified colored kraft boxes with vinyl decals to do this, but there were just too many orders for that to be time-effective for the Animal Cookies--PLUS, there are enough larger orders that buying printed boxes even made more sense financially! These boxes will be 5.5x10x1 inches and are made to accommodate all 10 pins (plus one extra unicorn!). The dimensions here say 5x9x1 inches, but I decided to increase the dimensions of the backing cards and will be changing the dimensions of the box accordingly!

I'm not going to lie, I find some kind of weird satisfaction in designing packaging, so I've been having a lot of fun working with the boxes, as I've never done so before. And I love the way they look too!

Sticker Sheets

Rather than doing die-cut stickers for this, I really wanted to do a sticker sheet, as I haven't designed any in a couple years. I wanted to do something baking-themed, because even though the Animal Cookies are circus animals, they are ALSO cookies. =D I'm really happy with the way that these 4x6 inch "baking sheets," if you will (sorry...xD), turned out, and I hope that you guys like them all as much as I do!

I know there was still some demand for die-cut stickers of the individual cookies during the campaign, but I just didn't have enough time to design more merchandise for this one, as it was already getting crazy! I may, however, eventually offer a pack of the main animals on the sticker sheets as a separate item, and I'll keep everyone updated on that!

Animal Cookies Pre-Order


Did you miss the campaign, but you're still interested in getting these cuties? Our pre-orders are open on Etsy! Last time, pre-orders were available here on our site, but by going through Etsy, we're making our pins available to the UK, who was unfortunately excluded from this Kickstarter due to new VAT laws and the difficulty of registering in time to collect this as an independent seller.

The freebies available in the Kickstarter are available to anybody from the UK who had to cancel their pledge. Other pre-orders will unfortunately not receive all the freebies afforded to the campaign, but they will still get a free 2 inch cupcake sticker, and full set orders will still receive the free unicorn pin--after all, it is a set!

Pre-orders will be available until March 1st!


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