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Introducing: Pup Treats!

We're currently in the process of another big project! After noticing that the Atomik Cupcake Designs shop has a disproportionate amount of cat-themed items compared to everything else, we thought it was unfair to the dogs in our community! How could we have let mankind's best friend be so underrepresented? I know, I know...we're kind of terrible.

SO, over the next couple months, we'll be rolling out some fantastic new dog-themed merchandise called the Pup Treats collection! Our first design is the Carrot Cake Corgi Cupcake Keychain:

Available in our Etsy store for $9.99 now!

With several species in the works for the keychain collection, we'd also like to fund a series of enamel pins on Kickstarter, which will likely also include stickers of each design! WE ARE SO EXCITED. Here are a couple of the concept sketches:

I'm hoping to update this blog relatively frequently as a supplement to the Atomik Cupcake Designs Instagram page, so if you want to keep following along, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter!


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